Mission and Goals
  The mission of Digimeister Design is to help companies realize their marketing and strategic goals by providing high-performance, cost-effective design services for the digital home entertainment market.
High Performance
  We are guided by the belief that performance and value -- more than any other factors -- produce commercial success. However, "performance" is a many facetted parameter that includes all aspects of the end-user interaction. Looking at industry reaction to designs produced by Digimeister team members, there is consistent praise. Reviewers, distributors, dealers, and end-users worldwide have commented on ground-breaking performance and value.
  The best product idea in the world won't generate revenue until it ships. With 15 years of managing design cycles, Digimeister Design can give solid forecast of time-to-market -- and meet the projections.
  We look for ways to maximize your engineering investment. Our building-block philosophy can allow you to use our design elements for a range of products. We find the most cost- and time-effective method to complete your project. Whenever possible, modular, software-based design methods are employed. Not only does this help differentiate your products form others on the market, but it allows rapid, low-cost design changes to keep ahead of customer demands.

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